Q & A with Chris Jackson

Name: Chris Jackson

Position: CEO

Location: UK

Contact: chris.jackson@injectionalloys.com

Team: Clare Chesterman (PA)
Contact: clare.chesterman@injectionalloys.com

Lauren Jackson (Finance Assistant)
Contact: lauren.jackson@injecionalloys.com

Q. How long have you worked for Injection Alloys?
A. 5 years.

Q. What is your Injection Alloys Story? (Experience within the business, where you came from to where you are now.)
A. Joined as group Chief Executive in November 2007 and have considerably grown the business as well as introduced new products.

Q. What are your main responsibilities with Injection Alloys?
A. Steering the group to success and to become the leading supplier of innovative products to the steel industry.

Q. What skills are important to you when working?
A .Communications, leadership, decision making, trust, technical competence, global business experience.

Q. What opportunities do you have at Injection Alloys, such as training or learning new skills?
A. Injection Alloys offers lots of training opportunities, I have recently done an MBA with Cranfield University.

Q. Is there any particular reason you joined the company, such as a background in the industry?
A. I wanted to join a business that was eager for change, success and market leadership, but without the bureaucracy of larger old fashioned businesses.

Q. How important is the teamwork aspect in your job?
A. Most important – cant work without it.

Q. What is your favourite thing about working for Injection Alloys?
A. Seeing the business grow and people develop.

Q. What are your interests/hobbies?
A. Motorbike, gardening, gym, socialising.

Q. Favourite Inspirational quote?
A. The definition of stupidity, is doing the same things over and over and expecting the result to be different…..