Q & A with Carlos Saguier

Name: Carlos Saguier


Location: Argentina

Contact: carlos.saguier@injectionalloys.com

Q. How long have you worked for Injection Alloys?
A. I´m the oldest in the Injection Group. I started in December, 1998.

Q. What is your Injection Alloys Story? (Experience within the business, where you came from to where you are now.)
A. J-I started when Injection Alloys Ltd, did a Joint Venture with Electrometalúrgica Andina for produce cored wire in Argentina and export to America its products. My main job was to start the cored wire factory near Andina´s CASI furnace in San Juan. Unfortunately the project was aborted in the 2000.

Q. What are your main responsibilities with Injection Alloys?
A. I´m responsabile of sell IAGROUP´s products into America.

Q. What skills are important to you when working?
A. Products knowledge and a flexible character to work with different people all around the world.

Q. What opportunities do you have at Injection Alloys, such as training or learning new skills?
A. Know a lot of people and work with many colleagues in different situations.

Q. Is there any particular reason you joined the company, such as a background in the industry?
A. I was working many years in a CASI and cored wires company.

Q. How important is the teamwork aspect in your job?
A. IAGROUP is an Intl Company with a lot of people working in different countries.  The teamwork is the key of this business.

Q. What is your favourite thing about working for Injection Alloys?
A. Develop new products in a dynamic market.

Q. What are your interests/hobbies?
A. Tennis, old car restoration and antiques.

Q. Favourite Inspirational quote?
A. HUMAN STUPIDITY IS ENDLESS !!!! (my own favorite inspirational quote) hahahahahahahaha