Q & A with Chris Jackson

Name: Alexander Borisov


Location: Russia

Contact: alexander.borisov@injectionalloys.com

Q. How long have you worked for Injection Alloys?
A. 2 Years

Q. What is your Injection Alloys Story? (Experience within the business, where you came from to where you are now.)
A. I started from Zero. My sales now equal about 10 coils of Hi-Cal per month.

Q. What are your main responsibilities with Injection Alloys?
A. I am a sales manager, I am also a representative person for my country, Russia.

Q. What skills are important to you when working?
A. Professional technical skills and trading skills due to my job role.

Q. What opportunities do you have at Injection Alloys, such as training or learning new skills?
A. Meeting with collegues, webs and meeting new customers.

Q. Is there any particular reason you joined the company, such as a background in the industry?
A. Yes, I have a background in the steel industry, I have experience in Russia of market sales with CCW, this is why Injection Alloys is good for me.

Q. How important is the teamwork aspect in your job?
A. Very important.

Q. What is your favourite thing about working for Injection Alloys?
A. Possibility to open a new market (subdivision) for the group.

Q. What are your interests/hobbies?
A. Self-improvement and sport.

Q. Favourite Inspirational quote?
A. Never lose patience, it is the last key opening doors. De Saint-Exupery’s