… The ultimate way of adding pure calcium to molten steel.

The Injection Alloys Group led a revolution in the way calcium is added to molten steel.

Ultra high yield performance through seamless technology, Hi-Cal® delivers calcium with incredible efficiency using conventional surface feeding equipment. Hi-Cal®– a true step change in injection wire technology, was developed to bring significant cost savings to the customer, in line with the mission statement and environmental policy of the Injection Alloys Group.

  • Guaranteed and repeatable ultra high calcium yield
  • Improved processing times
  • Significantly lower processing costs
  • Tangible environmental benefits

Wire Diameter 9.6mm

Length(metres) I.D(mm) O.D(mm) Width(mm)
5220 720 1072 845

Note:All coils are available in either vertical or horizontal presentation, and up to 1200mm in width.  Other inner diameters are available on request.

Technical details

Hi-Cal® is the ultimate way of adding calcium to liquid steel.  It is a solid calcium cored wire, produced by an innovative and patented manufacturing process.  As a result, the product is able to deliver a solid core of calcium metal in seamless steel sheath deep into the molten steel – through conventional surface feeding and sets a new industry standard for efficiency, reliability and reproducibility.


  • Hi-Cal® is surface fed into the melt using conventional feeding equipment.  No need for expensive lance systems or other similar equipment.
  • Repeatable ultra high calcium yields typically in the range of 40 to 50% (dependant on specific configurations)
  • Significantly less splashing at the surface of the melt allowing improved utilization of the available freeboard.
  • Exceptional performance in all steel grades.
  • Significant reduction in co efficient of variances of calcium ppm”

Cost benefits

  • Significantly higher calcium yield means correspondingly lower consumables cost for the customer.  Tremendous cost saving benefits can be achieved.
  • Big benefits to the melt-shop team through fewer change-overs of wire and no maintenance of lance systems.
  • Less splashing means better utilization of ladle capacity.
  • Revolutionary seamless technology prolongs shelf life bypreventing calcium oxidation in storage.

Environmental considerations and benefits

  • Ultra highcalcium yield means less raw material consumption.
  • Fewer wire deliveries, material handling and storage costs.
  • Fewer stacker truck movements and associated safety issues in the plant.
  • Ultra high calcium yield means significantly less calcium discharged into the atmosphere or removed as a watse product.
  • Better utilisation of the freeboard means better energy utilisation and higher steel making effciencies.