PIPS – “Product Introduction Process”

The PIP is a series of trials helping our customers to determine the optimum quantities, speed and other parameters during the injection process of our Hi-Core® product range.  The Injection Alloys application engineers guide the customer during this process aiming to achieve the optimum feeding speed and lowest injection quantities per heat. Thus, our specialists help the customers to reduce the Ca-treatment cost per ton of steel, while meeting their expectations in terms of Ca content,  inclusion modifications, splashing and fuming.

What are PIPS?

  • Our Hi-Core® range of products is designed to achieve Calcium  recoveries 3 to 5 times higher than other calcium bearing CCW.
  • The sheath of Hi-Core® is thicker and therefore the feeding speed does not need to be as high as for conventional cored wires.
  • The optimum injection parameters depend on the types of steel, chemical composition, the way the steel has been killed, the requirements of this continues casting process, etc. Additionally, our specialists can make an assessment of the general injection practices of cored wires, not only Calcium bearing.

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