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Injection Alloys provides the complete range of injection core wires, feed equipment and technical services to the global steel industry and foundry operations. Through our expertise and experience we have developed innovative new products in the HiCore® range and really have changed the way in which Calcium is added to molten steel for inclusion modification processes. We don’t just supply wires and equipment; we provide complete solutions to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves in listening to customers’ needs and then tailoring our products and services to meet those needs. The Injection Alloys Group manufactures the widest range of cored injection wire in the world, using our own patented manufacturing technology.

Wire diameters

  • Nominal 9mm for Hi-Cal® seamless ultra high yield calcium cored wire
  • Nominal 16mm for ultra high yield calcium silican cored wire
  • Industry standard 13mm and 16mm for conventional cored wires
  • Other diameters available on specific request.
  • Smaller sizes for foundry applications available

Wire feeders

Injection Alloys offers a range of wire feed machines in single, twin or four strand configurations. However, we do work with our customers to develop and supply wire feeders customised for specific applications and products in both the steel and foundry industries.

Typical wire types and applications

Hi-Cal Pure Calcium The seamless solution to ultra high calcium yields in silican restricted steels
Hi-CaSi Calcium-silicon The seamless solution to ultra high calcium yield in silicon steels
CaFe Calcium-iron Low silicon steel modification
AlCaFe Aluminum-calcium-iron High recovery modification
FeTi Ferrotitanium Microalloying and deoxidisation
S Sulfur Re-sulphurising of engineering steels
FeB Ferroboron Microalloying
C Carbon Trimming addition
Mg Magnesium Desulphurisation and nodularisation
NOC Ferrosillicon inoculant FeSi and rare earth for late inoculation
CaCN2 Calcium Cyanamide Adding nitrogen to steels

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View Injection Alloys Group Product Brochures. View our Hi-Core® Product Range. You’ll find a unique range of cored wire, designed specifically to product high yields bringing the complete solution to calcium treatment. View our Conventional Cored Wire page to find out typical applications and packaging options. View our range of Feeder Machinary and equipment, designed and manufactured to your requirements.