Health, Safety and Environment

  • Injection Alloys will always consider the health and safety of its employees as a priority.
  • The company will always follow and adopt local legislative regulations and directions as a minimum,  but will strive to generate higher minimum standards and apply them across the group where possible and appropriate.
  • The Company will always operate with the environment in mind and follow local legislative regulations and direction as a minimum, however we will always strive to minimise the effect that our business has on the environment, by minimising waste and energy consumption and developing products that support our customers in their efforts to minimise the effect that they have on the environment.

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View Injection Alloys Group Product Brochures. View our Hi-Core® Product Range. You’ll find a unique range of cored wire, designed specifically to product high yields bringing the complete solution to calcium treatment. View our Conventional Cored Wire page to find out typical applications and packaging options. View our range of Feeder Machinary and equipment, designed and manufactured to your requirements.